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                     Become Member  Opportunity
You will get on 1NewsPortal Unique Offer to have Your "Own" Personalized Mini Internet Portal for Best News,Favorites,Hobbies Resources.  
1NewsPortal offers Completely Personalized Custom Made and Exclusive  Taylored to Fit different multiple Business(accounting,HR,marketing,sales) and personal needs and Hobbies(hunting, weightloss,others) and 
Right Information to  Solve Giant  Deficit(Major Problem) like Hot News, Broadcast Premiere, Celebrity Secrets, Celebrity News,International Headlines,Live Sport Events, Current Events,Direct Access, Best Information,Popular Searches,Favorite Links,Celebrity Lifestyles for Members of our Exclusive 1NewsPortal Members Club!
      Imagine  Your "Own" webpages with Direct Links  of Your Favorites Ranked  top 100 best  News and Expertise Resouces. We done all Your Researches for You!
Forget the need to find or type in long URLs!
      In difference Yahoo, AOL,MSN are offering  to pesonalize Your internet  experience,favorites and  needs from "staff' they already have.  My Yahoo,My AOL,My MSN are just  personalized Web Pages. with generic not the best  News info from all over internet. And they will not personalize their pages for You to see Only Your Favorites. 
Those personalized pages or "portals" at Yahoo, AOL,MSN will be still full of staff You don't want but they  will try to SELL it to You anyway!

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