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                           Internet Security

This page is covering only Basic general  internet security guidelines! Internet(WORLD WIDE WEB) is VERY PUBLIC PLACE!! There are no boundaries, borders,countries,other special international rules/laws!!  Don't mistake one country telecommunications rules/laws and regulations for International Internet  telecommunications rules/laws and regulations!! By using  different types of internet providers you had agreed to

 their TERMS and CONDITIONS of service!!Always read and

 understand,what you had agreed and signed in,before you

 would complain anywhere!  User has it own responsibility for own  internet security! Always regular check YOUR PC,MAC,APPLE or IBM  manufacturers and Operating Systems(OS) manufacturers Windows/Macintosh /Unix/Lunix for all and latest OS and Internet updates,upgrades,patches! Always maintain and  use all installed antivirus,firewall... software!!Always use your OLD(used) computer for Internet(WORLD WIDE WEB)!  It will be cheaper to replace in case of damage by some internet virus or bugs!! DO NOT ATTEMPT to download ANY e-mail  attachments from Unknown persons!! Always take your time  to confirm with sender/check with antivirus software all e-mail attachments!! Avoid use your names,ANY kind of  personal info for creating E-MAIL ACCOUNTS,CHAT ACCOUNTS, MEMBERSHIPS...!  We would recomend AVOID all signing in/register involved  more than : e-mail address,username, password! AVOID to use PUBLIC computers for ANY types of internet  communications! Always use ANY computer with YOUR  unrestricted par management access to all Hard Drives!!By  doing this YOU could get MAX internet security after  deleting,cleaning folders C:/.../Temp. Internet Files all

 cookies(recommend empty all)!  Little slower load of  your favorites will provide MAX internet security on user side of internet! Resetting,manual cleaning all secure or unsecure

 FORMS(you would submit during shopping/other activities)

 will give YOU additional protection!  This company has No internet security liability. We don't maintain any large

databases with all YOUR PERSONAL INFO(billing,credit

 cards...) All submited YOUR PERSONAL INFO is going

 straight to YOUR BANK for processing! All remain records

 included only type of YOUR membership,timeshare of

 membership/username/ password/expiration date. We claim

 NO liability for ANY lost/stolen YOUR PERSONAL INFO (billing,credit cards...)during communications/server hacking/ other PUBLIC data access !!

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